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ATPCA has trained & accredited over 5,000 coaches in Australia and Overseas. Our training courses are industry recognised and appraised for our practical approach to training. ATPCA Membership including Insurance is also great value at just $250 pa!

  • Attain National Certification
  • Training mostly on-court!
  • Start your Career, Part-time Job or Hobby
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  • Personalised approach, because we can.

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ATPCA – The Pioneer of Competency Based Training

The ATPCA philosophy is to provide tennis coaches and players around the world with an enriched educational and physical learning experience through developing their coaching and playing skills

ATPCA is a non-profit independent public company providing economical and quality tennis coach training and membership services to its Australian and International members. Our commission is to serve the tennis community world-wide and be an advocate for the tennis coach.



Founded in 1967, ATPCA is self-funded and all Directors are Honorary. In 1997 ATPCA became VETAB approved, under the Australian Qualifications Framework and then became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). ATPCA attained accreditation with the Australian Sports Commission in 1999 and was endorsed by Tennis Australia in 2003 (until 2007). ATPCA was forced to withdraw from its affiliation with Tennis Australia in 2007, and has since operated as an independent coach training and membership organisation.

  • 1967


  • 1997


  • 1999


  • 2003


As a major stakeholder in the coaching industry, ATPCA developed and originated its training competencies in conjunction with VETAB – ensuring the integrity of our coaching standards thereafter. ATPCA’s current qualification courses were approved by the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) in 1997 and subsequently for 3 years by the Tennis Australia (TA).

This endorsement was withdrawn however via the untenable requirements proposed to ATPCA when Tennis Australia (TA) decided to enter the coach training market in its own right in 2007. As a direct competitor ATPCA was now seen as a threat to its commercial agenda and relations between the two organisations broke down. Since 2007 ATPCA has continued to operate with the coach and tennis industries best interests in mind.

We believe competition is in the best interests of tennis and the consumer, and that a monopoly style system of governance and education is conflicting and destructive to growth and diversity of tennis. Based in Sydney NSW, ATPCA operations have expanded as we deliver our training courses in all the major cities of Australia. With its ever expanding membership base, we continue to put the coach first and advocate in the best interests of tennis.