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ATPCA has trained & accredited over 5,000 coaches in Australia and Overseas. Our training courses are industry recognised and appraised for our practical approach to training. ATPCA Membership including Insurance is also great value at just $250 pa!

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Julio El Akl – National President

Julio is one of a few Master Qualified Professional Level 3 tennis coaches and a former tour player. He is highly appraised as a Presenter by Tennis Australia and became President of the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association back in 2009. Julio has founded and successfully run many tennis business and coaching ventures, working with advanced and elite students.

As a specialist in the training and assessment of tennis coaches, his passion is found in coach education. Julio is ATPCA’s National Presenter and President, and heads up ATPCA’s annual Master Pro Level 3 training course. Julio’s dedication, hard work and passion for tennis have encouraged thousands of coaches to commence their own full time coaching business and many to become qualified as part time coaches.

Bob Giltinan – Vice President

Bob is the Vice President of the ATPCA, and holds its elite Master Professional Level 3 Coach qualification. As a former tennis professional, he represented Australia in the Davis Cup many times and was ranked 16th in the world in the early 1970s. After retirement from professional playing, Bob was appointed as the Australian Davis Cup Selector, National Selector and State Coach for NSW.

Bob has made many contributions to community and Government organisations. In 2000 he was awarded the National Sports Medal and in 2001 he was recognised as an international volunteer. In 2005 Bob was honoured for his services to the Davis Cup. He held the lease at Giltinan’s Tennis Centre in North Manly (Sydney) for many years. Bob is currently an active Warringah Shire Councillor.

Rhys Treasure – Managing Director

Rhys brought his management and financial background to ATPCA in 2008 and has helped the company grow in size and stature since. With no officialcoaching background, Rhys maintains a strong love of tennis, and takes on-going interest in the game. His experience in the areas of advertising, accounting, and business has ensured ATPCA has maintained its high standards of professionalism and efficiency of operations.

Rhys continues to make his impact felt, helping to facilitate an international expansion of ATPCA with its overseas partners. He also regularly engages with members in establishing new and beneficial initiatives for them. He maintains strong ties of communication with each of ATPCAs state based operators ensuring all requests are met and satisfied.

Don Champion – Secretary / Director

Don commenced his professional tennis coaching career after becoming an A Grade player in the Sydney metropolitan competitions. He resigned from the TCA in 1966 and then inaugurated an alternate, more progressive coach training Company that grew to the now renowned ATPCA.

He has had over 50 years of experience in tennis school management and over 40 years in coach training. At one stage he ran the largest tennis school organisation in the southern hemisphere (“Champions”) with 2000 pupils and 100 court locations in Sydney. In 1994 he compiled and published the first Australian tennis coaches Manual (“Supercoach”) and, in 1999 took ATPCA to the absolute forefront of coach education by having ATPCA sanctioned as the sole Australian Sports Commission’s endorsed body for tennis coaches ahead of Tennis Australia (which had withdrawn from the ASC).

Don is a Level 3 ATPCA qualified coach and the ATPCA Secretary and RPL Assessor.

Phil Graf

Phil commenced tennis coaching in 1974 and by the mid 1980’s had established his own large tennis centre in the southern and western suburbs of Sydney. He became involved in the operations of 3 pro-shops whilst developing his coaching centres. By the mid 1990’ his coaching programme provided services to over six hundred students employing thirteen casual coaches. In 1992, Phil became a Director of ATPCA and a few years later became the Association’s President.

By the late 1990’s Phil had completed a Masters Degree and became an executive manager with Energy Australia consulting with various governmental bodies. He also lectured for the UNSW for the MBT/MBA programs. The breadth of Phil’s full time management experience was instrumental in ATPCA being endorsed as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) , with recognition from the Department of Education and Training. Soon after, Phil was involved in the Australian Sports Commission’s acceptance of ATPCA as its Proponent for coach education (training courses).

In 1999, Phil sold his coaching school, relocated to Queensland and resigned as the ATPCA’s President but remained on as a Director.

In addition to his voluntary work with ATPCA, Phil has been involved in various industry training committees Today, Phil runs his own Management Systems Consulting business and remains a certified Advanced Pro Level 2 coach and a passionate advocate for all ATPCA coaches and their rights to equal opportunities within the tennis industry.

George Mimis

George is a talented high grade tennis player and athlete. Formerly a director of ATPCA during the nineties when he also was the principal presenter of coach training courses for ATPCA, he has now returned to provide us with the benefits of his subsequent vast sports management, marketing, media and promotion experience.

As founder and Managing Director of SFX Sports Group in Australia, he brings over 15 years experience in client management, sports marketing, and events to the company. George is now Rugby League’s most powerful player manager. With a commercial background in merchant banking, George has successfully managed the business affairs of many well known sports stars such as Pat Rafter, Gordon Tallis, Darren Lockyer and Billy Slater and Brett Stuart. George has top level relationships with sporting franchises, major media groups and sports sponsors. He has a continued passion and love for tennis.

Conrad Singh

Conrad is the founder & developer of the CETA Methodology – a renowned player Development System with 2 decades of proven results at every level.  His specialised training methods have been developed all over the world by working with the best coaches and educators in the industry – particularly in Australia, Europe & Japan.

Conrad has been the key figure behind many young players going on to achieve World Junior Rankings and decorated playing careers as well as developing multiple national champions in his own country of Australia.

Conrad has worked with both the Victorian & the Australian Institutes of Sport, and has mentored top coaches around the world.  As  player he was renowned as being a fierce competitor at the highest Junior levels, which lead to a great career playing Prize Money Tournaments as well as Club & League tennis where he played National Level at the age of 18. His list of wins as a player is impressive as is the list of National Titles achieved.  This success immediately followed him into the professional Coaching world where he has developed Orange Bowl Champions, multiple Grand Slam competitors and been a key part in turning around players careers in recent years.  Conrad has a long history of nurturing a players interest into a full career as a player or a pathway through College at the very least. His programs at Club level have also gained acclaim globally – as he has been a major part in developing club programs in Australia, Japan, China & Europe. In fact many of the clubs & schools in Shanghai have seen his impact over the past decade as he has been involved in bringing them all up to speed implementing training systems and programs for all members.

Conrad is known for his passion & pride as well as his care & the exceptional relationships he has with his players. We are excited to welcome Conrad to the ATPCA Board and welcome his international experience as he spearheads ATPCA China, as our Director of Coaching.

Robert Casey

Rob Casey is a ‘Master Professional’ tennis coach with experience in coaching at all levels and in all situations. His Tennis School has been a leader in providing programmes from groups to tennis camps and tours; in coaching all ages from children to adults; and in all areas from individual training to club management programmes. Having played professionally on the world tour throughout the 70’s, Rob has also had success in international team coaching and management. Tennis Australia has appointed him to international junior teams and he has worked with senior international representative teams.

His reputation in tournament management is unparalleled in Western Australia and his coach education experience is also without peer in the state. Consultancy work is another area where Rob’s experience is in high demand. Rob currently manages and conducts ATPCA Coach Education in Western Australia.

David Bailey

David is a Tennis Footwork and Tennis fitness trainer and the creator of the Bailey method, a revolutionary way of learning, teaching and addressing the various footwork movements involved in playing tennis. David hold a Bachelor of Physical Education and has worked with over 15 Glad Slam players, selling his DVD’s in 56 countries around the world. David has appeared as guest Lecturer at all of ATPCA previous Master Professional Level 3 courses. After years of study David has developed a unique insight into the application of footwork in todays modern game. He will open your eyes to a whole new realm of undiscovered coaching tools.

Michael Fox

Michael is a human resource specialist who focuses on performance issues and strategic planning with organisations and individuals on an international basis.He entered University on an Athletic Scholarship and subsequently became a National Science Research Fellow in Psychology. After graduating with honours at U.C.L.A., he served as a Captain in the United States Air Force. Michael came to Australia as a Research Scholar at the Australian National University. He taught at the University and conducted research into aspects of performance and stress. While working as an academic for the next 15 years, he began working as a private consultant with a speciality in performance enhancement and game planning. In tennis, Michael has worked with Davis Cuppers from four different countries, as well as Olympians and other elite athletes in numerous sports. He has toured with golfers and tennis players internationally. He has served as the Sports Psychology Consultant to the Australian Sports Medicine Foundation Clinic, has been a long-term writer for Tennis Magazine and was the screenwriter and psychological consultant on films dealing with John McEnroe, Pat Cash and others.

Barbara Champion

An expert in finance management, communications, bookkeeping, and with extra language skills, Barbara brings an International flair to the Committee. She ensures overseas demands for the ATPCA courses, particularly the distance education training, are handled effectively and she co-ordinates the ATPCA’s electronic processes for all members. Her background in the printing field provides considerable assistance to ATPCA in the preparation of educational and other documents requiring speciality production.