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ATPCA has trained & accredited over 5,000 coaches in Australia and Overseas. Our training courses are industry recognised and appraised for our practical approach to training. ATPCA Membership including Insurance is also great value at just $250 pa!

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What is the history of ATPCA and Tennis Australia (Coach Education)?

The ATPCA is a not-for-profit and independent organisation. All the Directors are Honorary. Established in 1967, ATPCA has been assessing, accrediting and qualifying tennis coaches (and fitness instructors) for over 40 years. Tennis Australia has been directly involved in coach education for 3 years.

In 1999 ATPCA became the sole accredited tennis coach training Proponent with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) when Tennis Australia disconnected itself from the ASC because the ASC had endorsed ATPCA. Also at that time, ATPCA became registered with the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Later, Tennis Australia decided to re-unite with the ASC, and then ATPCA acted for a few years as an Endorsed Coaching Agency for Tennis Australia to run coach training. However, TA subsequently decided to enter the coach education market itself and directly compete against the same agencies it was endorsing on behalf of the ASC. Whilst it was acting in competition, TA imposed prohibitive requirements on ATPCA which were untenable. So ATPCA was forced to withdraw its affiliation with TA in 2007.

Why is ATPCA now separated from Tennis Australia?

ATPCA’s relationship with TA ended in 2007 due to a prohibitive arrangement of control that TA was proposing to impose on ATPCA to continue to have its endorsement when TA entered the field of coach education as a competitor of ATPCA. There were two major demands TA imposed for ATPCA to remain affiliated and endorsed by TA. First that ATPCA provides ongoing details about ATPCA members and some of our business affairs. Second, that the ATPCA must pay TA substantial sums for each training course it conducts plus other fees for each member.
This was of course unacceptable to ATPCA. It was considered anti competitive, not in the interests of tennis, and the re-establishment of monopoly control (with consequent higher than needed fees) within the tennis coach training industry.
The ABC’s National Documentary program “Four Corners” produced a program in 2010 on the conduct of Tennis Australia and its monopoly goals. Click here to view.

Is it legal to apply discrimination against an ATPCA coaching qualification in job opportunities?

The short answer is NO. Coaches who qualify with ATPCA are of equal standing in job opportunities. Our lawyers advise us that no association or union or organisation can restrict employment opportunities to tennis coaches by requiring membership of a specific association or organisation. It would likely be a breach under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Schedule 16 – Freedom of Association as amended.). Hefty penalties can be imposed by the Federal Court. The Act prohibits victimisation or discrimination on various grounds including a person’s membership or non membership of an association (or other involvement with such an association) or on the exercise of a person’s rights under industrial laws.

What does my ATPCA membership Insurance cover me for?

As a trainee or Qualified member of the ATPCA you and your ATPCA assistants are immediately insured on joining, without extra fee. Firstly, you are covered for $20 Million Public Liability. That’s for the risk of personal injury to the general public where you become legally liable whilst tennis coaching. Secondly, you are covered for $10 Million Professional Indemnity. This is for any breach of your professional duty whilst working as a coach. Furthermore, the Policy provides you with $100,000 of Property Damage, and substantial Accident cover. The Insurer is Sports Underwriting Australia a division of Calliden Ltd – an Australian licensed insurer. Upon joining ATPCA you will received a personalised Certificate of Currency which outlines your cover for employers.

Which organisation is the most experienced?

It is a fact that ATPCA is the most experienced Australia-wide organisation in terms of providing on-court coach training and membership services for the attainment of qualification. Hence there’s likely to be greater employment and life opportunities for you than having no formal qualification. An ATPCA formal coaching qualification ensures that our qualified and licensed coaches receive the highest quality training, abide by a Code of Ethics, and have a minimum standard of coaching skill, to safeguard the industry’s standards.

What Qualification Courses are there and where are they held?

Providing you are or have been a reasonable standard player, comfortable with people, a good leader and physically capable, you’ll love it. And the pre-requisites are:

Graduate LEVEL 1: You are (or have been) a mid range player – usually competition standard (“B” grade or around N7 in the ITN system) or at least a reasonably strong social standard. You should be a person who enjoys teaching, particularly children. You’re keen to coach more proficiently either as a “hobby” (perhaps even your own children?), or professionally part time or full time.

Advanced LEVEL 2: You are (or have been) a quite strong player –up near the “A” Grade level (or N6 in the ITN system). Having already achieved the learning outcomes of the Graduate Level 1 course above, you aspire to achieve the ultimate satisfaction in coaching by including very high standard players amongst your clients. You could then be sought after to coach in Council courts and resorts worldwide.

Master Professional LEVEL 3: You need to have completed the Advanced Level 2 course and be of a high standard preferably higher than in the above Level 2 (N5 or higher). This qualification is for the very serious pro coach who would enjoy working with elite players and who would take a strong interest in the management of a resort or country club.

What happens if my ATPCA Coach Membership expires? Do I need to re-take the course?

When your ATPCA Membership expires so does your Personal Insurance cover. If you are continuing to work as a coach and are required to keep your own personal Insurance cover it will be important to organise your renewal before it expires to avoid any loss of cover (we will mail you a renewal notice prior to expiry).

If you choose to take a break from coaching and no longer wish to maintain your membership with ATPCA, you will be taken off our coach member database and lose access to various member benefits. You can however re-join and reinstate your Membership (Insurance & Qualification) at any time in future (if you start coaching again) – just give us a call to join back up – 0401 618 979 or email rhys@atpca.com.au

However if you drop out for an extended period of time (2 or more years) you may be required to pay a re-administration fee of $25 when you re-join. For a longer period, you will be required to undergo an on-court reassessment ($100) to ensure you have retained all your competencies and be updated on any changes.