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Advanced Pro Level 2 Qualification

For the Experienced / Aspiring Coach


The Advanced Pro Level 2 course is the ultimate Qualification for the aspiring and knowledgeable coach. This course is comprised of 3 days training totaling 21 hours, where the skills and principles learnt in the Level 1 course are developed and taken to a more in-depth level, with stronger emphasis on game play, tactics and strategy and footwork. This course aims to develop the confident coach to a much more experienced standard allowing them greater access to work with advanced juniors and strong adult players. Course Resources include Mal Murphy Drills Book, Bruce Elliot’s ‘Technique Development in Tennis Stroke Production and Dave Bailey ‘Contact Move’ articles.

  • For the Experienced / Aspiring Coach
  • Coach Strong Adults Elite Juniors
  • Held Over 3 days (21hrs)
  • Practical Training Scenarios (On-court)
  • No Formal Theory Testing
  • Focus on Adv. Biomechanics & Footwork
  • Tactics, Strategy & Gameplay
  • Maximum of 10 in Class
  • Professional Accreditation & Coach License

ID Card Level 2 - Front

ID Card Level 2 - Back


  • Apply sports psychology and mental training principles of focusing, mental rehearsal.
  • Use occupational health & safety procedures, control tennis injuries, health related conditions.
  • Plan, organise, and conduct tennis tournaments, competitions and identify seeding types.
  • Promote effective communication with stakeholders, athletes, sponsors and apply individual lesson strategies.
  • Evaluate match results including use of video analysis, and apply appropriate game plans in-match and post-match.
  • Discuss and apply key elements of fitness, agility, aerobic, anaerobic, specificity, nutrition.
  • Identify court surfaces, types, affects.
  • Understand and apply business principles for use in a running a tennis complex, including marketing, legal, tax, managing.
  • Implement advanced biomechanical principles for all tennis strokes applying the “kinetic chain of forces”.
  • Demonstrate advanced stroke production techniques and apply skill development training for all tennis strokes and grips, spins, open stance, ball toss.
  • Apply biomechanical concepts to pre-contact and recovery movement and footwork skills identifying agility, dynamic balance, and counterbalance techniques.
  • Demonstrate a variety of advanced practice drills and games for all strokes.
  • Demonstrate methods of coaching the return of wide serves – offensive and defensive.
  • Recognise less common flaws and idiosyncrasies in players’ technique and provide appropriate advanced correction.
  • Apply advanced error detection and correction and tactics and strategies for singles and doubles relating to all strokes and their components during advanced games and drills.