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Graduate Pro Level 1 Qualification

For the Trainee / Developing Coach


The Graduate Pro course is the ultimate qualification for the trainee or developing coach. This course is held 100% on-court in practical group learning scenarios. This course aims to develop beginner or inexperienced coaches to a standard where they are able to professionally and confidently coach and train junior and adult players from a beginner to mid competition level. Course Resources include 420 page Supercoach Training Manual, and the Qualification Study Guide.

  • For the Trainee / Developing Coach
  • Coach Beginners to Intermediate
  • Held Over 1 Weekend (12 hrs)
  • 100% On-Court Practical Training
  • No Formal Theory Testing
  • Focus on Games, Drills & Error Detection
  • Stroke fundamentals, Ball Feeding Methods
  • Maximum of 12 in Class
  • Professional Accreditation & Coach License

ID Card Level 1 - Front

ID Card Level 1 - Back


  • Use occupational health and safety practices – including equipment use and managing minor injuries.
  • Identify disabilities (physiological and technical) and conduct appropriate activities.
  • Apply basic psychological strategies incl. positive thinking, tension control, behaviour management.
  • Ensure a positive coaching environment and apply appropriate communication skills with conflict resolution skills.
  • Understand coaching techniques for: groups & individuals; utilising the human receptors (Audio, Visual and Physical).
  • Have an effective understanding of tennis industry rules and regulations and how to teach rules to kids.
  • Recognise the responsibilities and legal liabilities of a coach: code of conduct, duty of care, negligence & insurance.
  • Understand and apply professionalism and ethics in coaching.
  • Identify each of the different tennis grips and how to teach them.
  • Demonstrate stroke production techniques & methods of coaching at basic level for each of: Forehand, Backhand, Serve & Overhead, Volley, Grips, Spins, Open Stance and related components of same.
  • Recognise common technique flaws and apply appropriate correction using effective and descriptive feedback.
  • Identify basic biomechanical and kinesiological concepts in relation to tennis mechanics.
  • Implement a range of tennis drills focused on basic biomechanical technique and talent development.
  • Plan and conduct a group coaching session with emphasis on maximum participation for all age groups.
  • Demonstrate and implement various ball feeding techniques for coach feed and pupil to pupil, and self (pupil) feed.
  • Demonstrate and conduct warm ups, games, modified activities, with use of targets and “Games Sense”.
  • Conduct basic; tournaments, competitions, and round robin events.