Terms for Woocommerce

I understand and agree that:
1. I am bound by all relevant ATPCA policies including the Terms and Conditions of ATPCA Membership, the ATPCA Coaches Code of Conduct, and ATPCA Member Protection Policy as described herein.

2. In order to protect the integrity and safety of tennis I will adhere to ATPCA’s Member Protection Policy which requires that all Coach Membersobtain and maintain a Working with Children Check (or the relevant state equivalent) within the first 6 months of Membership, proof of which mustbe emailed to ATPCA Office ([email protected]).

3. ATPCA may reject, cancel or suspend my Application for Membership and/or Professional Qualification if I am unsuccessful in obtaining my Workingwith Children Check (or state based equivalent) and/or do not provide proof of such achievement to ATPCA Head Office via email ([email protected])

4. ATPCA may reject, cancel or suspend my Application for Membership and/or Professional Qualification if I am found to be in violation of the ATPCA Coaches Code of Conduct.

5. As a professional ATPCA Coach I must continue to act in the best interests of the industry and the sport of Tennis. I will conduct myself and mycoaching business in a professional and lawful manner, and will not bring the ATPCA nor the game of Tennis into disrepute.

6. Payment of the total fees due will be paid irrespective of whether or not I complete the training course/RPL Application, and I accept the ATPCA Refund Policy, noting that the ATPCA Membership Fee is non-refundable. If paying by Credit Card, I authorise credit card deduction for the appropriate amount as indicated on Application.

7. Temporary postponement of an ATPCA Coach Training Course/RPL by ATPCA (e.g. wet weather, Presenter ill, insufficient numbers) etc may be necessary and will not invalidate this Agreement.

8. ATPCA’s Coach Training Resources, Logo, IP, and merchandise are for my own personal use only and not for on-sale, nor reproduction, nor can they be passed on to any other individual or organisation by me.

9. I consent to the ATPCA uploading my name, coaching location and basic contact information to their websites ‘Find A Coach’ directory service and/or the TenxPro ‘Directory’. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the information contained on this directory is accurate and kept up to date via logging into my Coach Dashboard.

10. Any images taken of me during my ATPCA Coach Training course/RPL will become the property of the ATPCA to be used or reproduced at its discretion in any way for marketing purposes.

11. I will read and understand the details of my personal Coach Insurance Policy provided to me by the ATPCA, which can be found here:
http://atpca.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/SUA-Platinum-Liability.pdf or via logging into the ATPCA Coach Dashboard. I accept that any additional insurance cover is my personal responsibility.

12. The ATPCA has no connection with Tennis Australia (TA) which is a competitor in tennis coach education and ATPCA does not recognise TA’s courses, nor is there any converse endorsement.